Software Events as a service
for everyone

Create software events for any date and time, to get webhooks or add jobs to a worker queue.

Ship in days not weeks

With you can build features unique to your application, while we make sure your software events arrive on-time.

No app limits, no contracts

Pay as you go, for what you use. No yearly contract terms. Generate however many API keys you want and anticipate all of your applications.

Help when you need it

Implement in less than 10 minutes, with our SDKs. If you prefer a human touch, you can also shoot us an email, or open a chat.

How It Works

Create your API Keys

Configure each of your applications to call our platform for events, and issue them separate keys


Our REST API and SDKs make it fast and easy to integrate with apps built on any platform.

Create your events

Tell if you need JSON, SQS, or XML as your event payload.

Worry about other things

Your event can be in a minute, a year, or whenever you need.

Trigger webhooks or new job

Get an event message back and use it to issue notifications or start time-sensitive features.

Track Performance

The web dashboard lets you see the health of your events quickly and easily.

Want to see it for yourself?

Create events from the web portal

You don't need to do a full integration to give a try. In our web portal you can create an event manually, and see the return message.

I want to try! event creation web user interface


Make events for any day and time

Send events in a minute, sixteen minutes, or even sixteen months.


If doesn't get a success response, we try again three more times.

For enterprise and DIY

Our app grows to any size you need, with the ability to process hundreds of thousands of requests per minute.

Bring your own rules

Call from any level of your application, and define your own rules for creating events.

Always there

Built for security, stability, and scale, our platform is always online and ready.

Performance Dashboard

Track system and events performance and even create new events with our web portal.

Event Debugging

See granular detail for all of your pending events, and 30 days of processed events.

Docs, Email, Chat Support

We have guides for our REST API and SDKs. Stuck, or wish we had another feature? We're happy to chat or email!

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Unlock the power of EaaS (software events as a service) for your application today.

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Meticulously designed to be simple

Built for Developers can plug into any application. We have a single REST API for you to create events, and offer SDKs in Javascript and PHP. If you need help integrating with some other solution, we're just a chat away!

The easiest choice you'll make all day.

Sign up today and get five thousand events each month, for free!

5k events monthly

Try it out, scale as you need to.


  • Create 5,000 events each month
  • Additional buckets of 10k events for $5 each
  • Chat and email support
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100k events monthly

A great place to get started!


  • Create 100,000 events each month
  • Additional buckets of 25k events for $5 each
  • Chat and email support
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1M million events monthly

Heavy events usage on one or more apps.


  • Create 1,000,000 events each month
  • Additional buckets of 100k events for $10 each
  • Chat and email support
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